Can I Wear My Glasses While Playing Sport?


Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you can’t take part in your favourite sport. At Goldsmith Webb Opticians, we offer a vast range of options to ensure you always have your eye on the ball.

Contact Lenses

You don’t want to damage your specs – or your style – while playing contact sports.¬†This is why contact lenses are a great solution. With a range of contact lenses available, from daily disposables to varifocals, you no longer need to worry about breaking your glasses on the pitch. Durable contact lenses are safer for your face and your wallet.


There’s nothing to say you can’t still rock your frames on the field. In sports such as tennis, golf and cycling, contact is unlikely. This means there is less chance of your glasses being damaged. Many frames are designed for daily low activity wear, so it’s a good idea to consult your optician on choosing frames that are more durable and suited to movement.

Extra Care

Your eyes are the most important element of your kit. If you regularly take part in contact sport, you may want to look at prescription sport glasses. There are a range of options available. Such as sports goggles, masks and glasses. All of which can be tinted for those hot or very cold active sunny days outside. After all, a better fit will save you a lot of game time.

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