Everything Your Eyes Need to Know About Driving at Night

The ultimate guide to driving after dusk

Wearing the correct eyewear is vital when using the roads. Whilst driving at night our sight conditions naturally change, our depth perception, ability to distinguish colour and peripheral vision all worsen in low light conditions. It is vital to consult an eye care professional about having the correct prescription.

Minimise Risks

If you wear glasses, the most important step to ensure the safest of journeys is to minimise risks.

Ensure that you always plan your journeys, there is nothing worse than being unsure of the road ahead, whether it is day or night. Knowing the route you are taking minimises the risks of driving at night and enables a more relaxing journey.

Where possible, always avoid dark or low lit roads and allow extra driving time to avoid running the risk of being late or speeding.

Stay Focused

As we all know, tired eyes are highly dangerous whilst at the wheel. Ensure you take plenty of breaks, create the safest driving environment for yourself by ensuring all windows and mirrors are clean and clear and regularly renew your driving skills with a class. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Keep Your Car and Eyes in Good Repair

There is no point in regularly having your car checked, but not your eyes. Annual eye tests are important to keep the most essential element in check… you.

If you experience any sudden changes to your eyesight, issues or symptoms of sight threatening eye diseases then seek immediate care from an eye care professional.

If you wish to find out more, please contact one of our highly knowledgeable team members.

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