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Is Technology Ruining My Eyesight? | Goldsmith Webb News

Is Technology Ruining My Eyesight?

How much time do you spend staring at a screen? According to recent research adults spend more than half of their day using technology. While positive for the most part, technology is ruining our eyesight. 14% of people report using screens for between 10 and 12 hours per day but even with constant exposure most … Continue reading “Is Technology Ruining My Eyesight?”

Rodenstock Introduce New Lens Coating | Goldsmith Webb News

Rodenstock Introduce New Lens Coating

Rodenstock have recently introduced a new anti-reflection lens coating. Available at all Goldsmith Webb practices, the super smooth anti-reflection coating has outstanding cleaning, hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. Previously, anti-reflection coatings attracted dirt, dust, water, fingerprints and reflections. The new Rodenstock anti-reflection coating repels the aforementioned and anything that does end up on the lens is … Continue reading “Rodenstock Introduce New Lens Coating”

What is Astigmatism? |Goldsmith Webb

What is Astigmatism?

  What is astigmatism? Astigmatism is a fairly common and usually minor condition that causes blurred or distorted vision. Those who wear glasses have variants of the condition which is caused by an irregular curve on the cornea. This means it fails to process light to a single focus and therefore causes blurred vision and … Continue reading “What is Astigmatism?”


Can I Wear My Glasses While Playing Sport?

  Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you can’t take part in your favourite sport. At Goldsmith Webb Opticians, we offer a vast range of options to ensure you always have your eye on the ball. Contact Lenses You don’t want to damage your specs – or your style – while playing contact sports.¬†This … Continue reading “Can I Wear My Glasses While Playing Sport?”


Everything Your Eyes Need to Know About Driving at Night

The ultimate guide to driving after dusk Wearing the correct eyewear is vital when using the roads. Whilst driving at night our sight conditions naturally change, our depth perception, ability to distinguish colour and peripheral vision all worsen in low light conditions. It is vital to consult an eye care professional about having the correct … Continue reading “Everything Your Eyes Need to Know About Driving at Night”