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Not All Varifocals Are The Same. Free Varifocal Upgrade

For anyone who’s worn Varifocals, they’ll know the size of the reading zone  on a standard Varifocal can be quite restrictive. But thanks to Rodenstock, this is now a thing of the past. Their range of bespoke lenses offer a far greater visual zones at all viewing distances. By taking additional measurements such as how far … Continue reading “Not All Varifocals Are The Same. Free Varifocal Upgrade”


Free Contact Lens Experience

Tired of wearing glasses? Specs keep misting up? Not sure contact lenses are for you? We offer a free contact lens experience at Goldsmith Webb. Almost all prescriptions can be corrected with contact lenses now so there’s never been a better time to try. And best of all there is no charge to try. We … Continue reading “Free Contact Lens Experience”


Rodenstock Prescription Sunglass Promotion

THE 2018 RODENSTOCK SUNPROTECT SUNGLASS COLLECTION IS MADE UP OF 12 STYLES, HELPING TO IMPROVE YOUR VISION AND YOUR LOOK WHO ARE RODENSTOCK? Rodenstock are Germany’s leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and frames and have been for over 140 years. At the heart of Rodenstock, which was founded in 1877, is the optimisation of optical … Continue reading “Rodenstock Prescription Sunglass Promotion”