Why are varifocal lenses so expensive?

The price of Varifocal lenses can vary drastically.  Like most products this  is down to the quality. While cheap lenses may seem attractive , they can often end up as false economy.

At Goldsmith Webb, almost all of our lenses come from Rodenstock. A German company with over 130 years experience in spectacle lens manufacture.

As any Varifocal wearer knows, the distortion at the edge of the reading zone has a limiting effect on the width of the reading zone. This can also often make the floor swim.

Rodenstock bespoke lenses take into account the prescription and the position the frame sits on your face. In the same way a magnifiying glass changes when held at difference distances and angles, so does a spectacle lens. Rodenstock can even compensate for aberrations within the eye. This can reduce glare from headlights and improve low light vision.

So the most expensive varifocal lenses are the best for me?

Not always!  The complexity of your prescription is a big factor and lower prescriptions, especially lower astigmatisms do not have the same distortions associated with higher prescriptions. Therefore more expensive lenses will offer less of a benefit.

Rodenstock offer a range of Varifocal lenses to suit all budgets and our qualified Opticians can recommend the lens which is most appropriate for you.

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